New Patented Technology for ICS & OT Fighting Back Cyber-Attacks is to be presented at InfraSec Forum 2023 by Salvador Technologies

The innovative solution designed for critical infrastructures and manufacturing, is based on an air-gap technology and enables recovery from cyber-attacks as fast as 30 seconds! Salvador Technologies will present their solution in the prominent industrial event InfraSec Forum in Warsaw on February 9th.

This cyber-attack recovery solution consists of three layers of defense: A Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU) connected to the computer, an Agent Software installed on the PC/HMI and a monitoring center enabling full visibility of end-point status.

The CRU (Cyber Recovery Unit) device can recover a computer system, such as a PC, laptop, workstation, or server. The primary use cases are HMI, SCADA, BMS, and other critical computer systems based on Windows operational system.

The technology has been authorized by the federal agency of USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademarks Office) and was also registered as a patent in Europe and in Israel. It is based on air-gap and can minimize system downtime, enabling complete and swift data and OS recovery.

The Advantages of an Air Gap Solution 

The air gap solution is specially designed for organizations with more complex data and doesn’t want to take on high downtime. It backs up all essential data and creates an offline copy to prevent possible theft.

Alex Yevtushenko, CEO: “Our mission is to enable operational continuity by providing organizations with unique tools and features to cope with cyber-attacks, whose rate is increasing exponentially. Currently, OT systems use backward backup solutions such as manual external disks. We offer a revolutionized air-gapped technology that dramatically reduces data loss and operational downtime risks.” 

Though just granted the official patent, Salvador has already acquired a strong customer base whose service includes a full recovery from cyber-attacks and IT failures, 30-second recovery agnostic to disk size, 2-minute installation, an automated recovery process, offline protection for backup data (air gap), centralized monitoring and recovery of software data and complete OS configurations. Its proven use includes critical infrastructure, manufacturing, energy, medical centers and several other standalone systems.

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