HARTING RFID Seminar: Success with individual products

HARTING is holding two one-day seminars (May 7 and June 18, 2015) to demonstrate how companies can leverage IntegratedIndustry to produce individual, affordable products in batch size 1, while also being able to offer new services.
The convergence of the real and the digital world continues apace and has not stopped at the factory gate. This change is no short-term trend. Rather, it will eventually lead to entirely new products, services, structures and demands. Personalized products – those comparable to production in a shop environment – produced at affordable prices will no longer be the realm of exclusive customer preferences, but rather day-to-day business. Production will increasingly offer individualized solutions that are configured online and whose production status can be transparently tracked at any time.
In two one-day seminars, HARTING will show how entrepreneurs, plant managers and production planners can use the approaches of Integrated Industry to accompany the path of change and increase their company’s competitiveness. Taking the example of an imaginary bicycle manufacturing plant, business requirements will be illustrated in areas such as customization, flexibility, increased resource efficiency, ergonomics in man-machine communication and life-cycle management. Participants will gain an understanding of the building blocks of Industry 4.0, from the integration of the various IT systems to Auto-ID solutions to digitized order picking and delivery.
The one-day seminar will be offered on May 7 of this year in Dortmund and on 18 June in Mannheim. In addition, following the seminars participants will have the opportunity to take an exclusive tour of the Westfalenstadion stadium (Signal Iduna Park) in Dortmund as well as tractor production facilities at the John Deere works in Mannheim. www.harting-rfid.com