Feedmill upgrades from Modicon® to ControlLogix® – while keeping animals fed

Miloubar Central Feedmill has been producing quality feed for more than 50 years in Israel. One of the largest companies of its kind in the country, it makes more than 220 types of feed for animals including sheep, turkeys, pigs, and beef cattle. Its insistence on feed quality and customer satisfaction can be seen in the extraresources the company provides – from feed plans to seminars for farmers.
A part of that commitment to high-quality services is keeping up with the best technology available. The feedmill wanted to upgrade its plant by implementing better HMI software. That software required the EtherNet/IP™ protocol, though – and Miloubar had a Modicon® PLC with 10 drops of Remote I/O. The company needed to switch to a Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® PAC to support the EtherNet/IP-based software.
That presented some complications, as any company that has had to update its legacy system knows. Miloubar could do a rip-and-replace – but that would require downtime and result in lost profits. It would have required re-wiring all of the I/O racks, which is time-consuming and can introduce errors, extending downtime.
Contel Automation and Control Ltd., an Israeli distributor and system integrator for automation and control services in a variety of industries, had a solution in mind. Rather than do a full rip-and-replace of Miloubar’s architectures, Contel recommended using a migration gateway that would retain the Modicon Remote I/O and require re-wiring of the I/O. Also key was minimizing scheduled downtime: By using ProSoft Technology’s Modicon S908 migration gateway, they were able to keep production on schedule, keeping the system running while ensuring that the ControlLogix PAC was working as it should with the existing Remote I/O. 
Contel recommended using the gateway – part of a suite of Phased Modernization devices – based on prior knowledge of the quality of ProSoft’s communication solutions.

“Thanks to ProSoft’s Modicon migration gateway, we have been able to provide Miloubar the benefit of the new control system while maintaining the old I/O,” said Shai Gerson, VP of Engineering at Contel. “This has provided a fast return on investment to our customer, with reduced engineering time and a faster time to market of our solution.”
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Source of the material and photos: ProSoft Technology