The Industrial Internet Consortium Creates Vision on Artificial Intelligence in Industrial IoT Applications

Source: Pixabay

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced updated its vision for industrial artificial intelligence (AI) with new bodies of work.

Building on its Industrial IoT Analytics Framework Technical Report (IIAF), which offered industrial analytics guidance in evolving fields such as big data, AI and machine learning, IIC is expanding its program of work to focus on AI in industrial IoT applications.  The Industrial Analytics Task Group has been expanded and renamed to Industrial AI Task Group.

This October, IOTSWC will launch its inaugural AI & Cognitive Systems Forum.  The forum will explore the various aspects of AI from a foundational technology perspective to transformational use cases that open up endless business possibilities in IIoT.  In addition, it will showcase how AI-enabled IIoT solutions can provide enhanced insights, complex decision making, self-learning and self-healing in industrial environments.

A workshop, called Deciphering AI, will precede the forum serving as an “AI 101” with the goal of providing both background to the attendees on AI as well as the key concerns and challenges with deploying AI.  The IOTSWC AI & Cognitive Systems Forum, as well as the Deciphering AI Workshop, will be chaired by Wael William Diab, Industrial Artificial Intelligence Task Group Chair, and IIC Member Edy Liongosari, Chief Research Scientist at Accenture Labs, with contributions from, and sessions led by, several IIC members.