Benecke-Kaliko Wins Sustainability Award for Dynactiv Power

Benecke-Kaliko’s Dynactiv Power energy-generating surface cover for water reservoirs received a special prize in the Sustainability category of the Inovyn Award at the K international trade show for plastics and rubber in Düsseldorf, Germany. “Our innovative technology is enabling us to make an important contribution to environmental protection,” emphasizes Dr. Dirk Leiß, the CEO of surface material manufacturer Benecke-Kaliko. “We are proud that it has been recognized in this way.”
The Dynactiv Power series of surface materials ensures the standalone supply of water and power in arid regions. With their integral solar modules, they are doubly sustainable and are landmark products for countries with long periods of drought. The light-impermeable film completely covers large water surfaces and reliably protects the reservoirs against dirt and evaporation. Up to 40 percent more water is retained as a result, which can then be used, for example, to irrigate arable land. In addition, photovoltaic modules laminated to the film make solar power available to surrounding households or to operate pumping stations.
The Inovyn Award is presented to incentivize innovation in order to achieve and promote important advances in the PVC industry. “Sustainability is absolutely crucial to the continued success of the PVC industry,” declares Chris Tane, the CEO at Inovyn, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of PVC. “And it is very pleasing that so many of the submitted projects had a strong focus on sustainability.” More than 70 proposals were submitted for the awards in the three categories of Innovation, Sustainability, and Industrial Design.